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The transfer of ownership from seller to buyer in which all relevant legal and financial obligations are resolved. A Fast House Sale for You in Oak Park, click 

  • Purchase Agreement : Reviewing the purchase agreement lists terms of your sale – sales price, contingencies and closing date. Both sides need to be able to agree that they are happy with the terms proposed in order for it gets signed off.
  • Title Search and Insurance – to have it determine whether the property has some liens, disputes or other encumbrances making a claim towards”ownership.” This goes into whether the seller is legally allowed to sell their product at all. The great thing about having a title insurance policy is that you are both protecting yourself as the purchaser and your lender form future easements on your property.
  • Appraisal: Value is what a buyer can borrow against, typically required by purchaser’s lender Appraisal The property gets appraised and an appraisal report generated And if an appraisal falls short of the price offer, a buyer can be put in the position of either renegotiating or paying more.

  • Final Walkthrough: The buyer takes one last walk around the home right before closing to ensure nothing has changed since their previous visit. It ensures that the home is in good shape, all repair request are completed.
  • Transfer of Funds: The Buyer provides the cost of a purchase, which is transferred to the Seller This equals the down payment and any other total costs that you will be responsible for. Money for the loan is also given to seller by lender in such transactions.
  • Recorded Deed: The deed is recorded at the county recorder office so there can be a new legal owner on record. This public record is what finalizes the ownership of that transaction.

It is crucial to get right in order for the property sale process to be as seamless and successful as possible, so make sure you follow along closely. For those looking to sell their house quickly in Oak Park,  visit for expert guidance and support.