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Many of you have started a business, yet don’t know how to make it more credible. Don’t simply rely on how successful your business is based on the loyal customers you have. The only way to make a business more credible is to make it legitimate. What would happen if your business has clicked in the market, many people will know about your product/service until such time the government will run onto your business.

What if a business has sneaked that your business name is not yet registered and it intentionally gets or uses your business name? Have it registered and claimed as theirs – that would be very frustrating to you since you have built the name and it has spread to the public. Yet, somebody claimed it. You will probably waste 95% of your effort to build the name of your business, yet one day it is owned by another business and you can no longer use it for business name registration.

There, comes the image of how important company registration is to your starting business.

company registration


What does a company registration mean?

Company or business registration makes a legal entity separate from the owners to operate as a unique legal person with its rights and liabilities. Businesses need to register because it provides legal protection and enhances credibility and compliance with several legal requirements and taxes. Also, it signifies that you are a legitimate business, securing your reputation in the industry and within the country.

Registering your business must not be daunting. Business registration services exist to simplify the process, from start to finish, while keeping everything compliant. The best company or business registration services can process the following:

  • File business formation documents
  • Provide registered agents
  • Prepare annual reports

Importance of business registration

It is a call for foreigners who have started a business in a country. Imagine trying to live abroad without legal backing. The authorities and people term you as a trespasser and they might think that you can also be a threat to their nation. It is how your clients or customers must see the business when you don’t register a business under the necessary bodies.

Business registration is an essential step for an entrepreneur who runs a business, to make it legitimate. Almost all countries are requiring businesses to get registered for protection and tax purposes. No matter what the size of the business, there are reasons why you should take business registration seriously, such as:

Legitimacy and credibility

Registering a business provides you with the needed legal documents and certificates that make your business genuine in the eyes of the following:

  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Partners

It helps build trust and credibility for a business, making it more attractive to potential investors and customers. For example, if the business is concerned with edibles, it must be registered with a body like the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) to make people trust that it is safe to consume products.

So, if you have started or have an existing business and have not yet registered, process the business registration to make it legitimate and credible.